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Term 2

During Term 2, Year 4 took another trip to Canterbury, this time to visit the Cathedral. The children enjoyed exploring the Cathedral, and learning about Thomas Becket, as well as dressing up in medieval costumes. In Science, the children learnt about solids, liquids and gases, managing to conduct an experiment involving chocolate and butter! Maths has seen us focus on times tables and division knowledge, with English focusing on writing a next chapter in Stig of the Dump. We had some wonderful creative ideas!


Children exploring the melting properties of chocolate.

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Term 1

4HC has had a very busy term. Since September, we have visited Canterbury to learn more about Roman Canterbury at the Roman Museum. During the day, we made our own Roman inspired mosaics, and learnt how to be archaeologists.

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In our Science lessons, we have learnt all about the human digestive system, and even tried to replicate the breakdown of food in the stomach using bread (as the food) and coca cola (as the acid).

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During English, we have been reading and enjoying Stig of the Dump, a classic text. We worked extremely hard to retell the part where Barney falls into the dump. In Maths, we have been working hard on place value, addition and subtraction. We are particularly keen to ensure that we don’t just know how to do something in maths, but that we know why we do it, and how to explain it using mathematical language….. it is harder than it sounds!

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