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Term 2

During Term 2, Year 4 took another trip to Canterbury, this time to visit the Cathedral. The children enjoyed exploring the Cathedral, and learning about Thomas Becket, as well as dressing up in medieval costumes. In Science, the children learnt about solids, liquids and gases, managing to conduct an experiment involving chocolate and butter! Maths has seen us focus on times tables and division knowledge, with English focusing on writing a next chapter in Stig of the Dump. We had some wonderful creative ideas!


Children exploring the melting properties of chocolate.


Picture 1

Term 1
This term 4J have been very busy getting to know Stig from our class book. We have enjoyed creating cave paintings and working with shared learning partners which has encouraged us to discuss our ideas and listen to the ideas of others. We enjoyed going swimming as a class together and although some are now swimming weekly, the rest of us are eagerly waiting for our turn!

This term we enjoyed learning about Roman Canterbury and had a fantastic time at Canterbury Roman Museum making mosaics and dressing up.

In science we have found learning about teeth really interesting and have thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the digestive system through practical experiences.