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and the Holy Spirit - peace be with you.

Prayer Request

Please provide a few words for who the prayer is for and why you are requesting it.

Some Useful Prayer and Worship links


Collective Worship with Maggie Paddison

Maggie, who has taken worships at Birchington Primary School before, works for the charity ACTS (Active Christianity in Thanet Schools). Click the link to view her collective worship, the theme of which is 'Love':


The Diocese Collective Worships

You can find the Canterbury Diocese weekly collective worships here:


A selection of Faith at Home videos from The Church of England:


Some links and ideas for families:


A downloadable book

This book has been written to support children and their families in continuing with a simple pattern of worship, while schools are not open:



Connected to the diocesan theme ‘Keep Praying’, which you can explore amongst many other prayer resources on the Diocese of Canterbury website.


Supporting Good Mental Health

The Church of England has updated its mental health reflections booklet, which is also available as a podcast.


Peaceful Music For Prayer