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This term Year 4, in celebration of the General Election, took part in their own election. They were given a choice of 3 themed days that they could have in the up-coming term. They had to choose one to vote for, cross it off on their polling card and then insert their vote into a ballot box.

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We also lead our Christmas service in All Saints Church. All children worked extremely hard to learn their lines and were able to project their voices with confidence. Their singing was beautiful and everyone enjoyed listening to the Christmas story.

This term in Science we have been investigating what happens in the body during digestion. We used bread and water to imitate the contents of the stomach and used the tights to imitate the intestines. We all enjoyed squeezing the tights to make a mess!

We also had Pfizer come to visit us to teach us about medicines. We had to make a slime that was the correct colour in order to cure the virus. We were then lucky enough to have a look under the UV lights to see where dirt gathers most on our hands and learnt that you have to sing happy birthday twice to wash our hands for the correct amount of time.

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