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Term 5

Term 5 has been a short, but very busy one!

We have been learning about the planets and used fruit to represent the size of each of them. In relative size, the smallest planet would be the size of a pea and the largest, the size of a large water melon.

We also had a visitor come in to discuss healthy and safe choices to be made in life. We produced some drama to show the consequences of right and wrong choices.

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Term 4
In term 4, Year 5 made Greek pots that depicted an historical event, they all took part in a Greek day and got their photo in the local paper. Another exciting event was a spelling bee competition that was incredibly challenging and went to a tie break situation. In Science they investigated dissolving and carried out an investigation using all sorts of materials.

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Term 3

5M spent the afternoon with the Community Wardens, Tony Gander and Peter Willows learning basic first aid, and practised CPR on dummies.

The children were given free bottles of water and fruit which were kindly donated by McDonalds.

The children were enthusiastic and commented that “it was fun, helpful and useful as it could help someone else.”

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Term 2

In Year 5, we have been finding the area of compound shapes. Whilst this all sounded very straightforward, we were not given all the measurements so had to work these out first.

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Term 1

Year 5 have used some great mathematical resources to help them understand Place Value. They are able to partition numbers in different ways, explain the value of a digit, tell you all about zero as a place holder and use this this knowledge to explain their reasoning

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