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How to Access OneNote via The App

OneNote Guidance for Parents/Carers



What is OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is a program that allows teachers to upload learning to an online class notebook which pupils can view and use to complete tasks.

The school will be using OneNote to provide the best possible quality teaching and learning for the children remotely.

This program can be used on a browser (such as Firefox or Google Chrome) without the need to download anything. There is also an app version that can be downloaded too.

Pupils will be shown how to use OneNote at school. However, clear guidance is placed on our school website under the purple Pupil tab on the drop-down menu titled OneNote Class Notebooks for parents/carers to use.


When will my child’s work be marked?


If your child is self-isolating because a member of their household has COVID-19 symptoms, is waiting to be tested or has a confirmed case of COVID-19 and the rest of the class is in school as normal, your child’s work will be marked at the end of the school day.

Bubble Isolation

If a whole class is isolating due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 within their class bubble, teachers will be able to work remotely online ‘alongside’ their pupils during school hours and ‘live-mark’ their work, giving feedback and supporting their learning.

While we aim to ‘live-mark’ children’s work, we understand that there may be occasions when pupils will be unable to log on during school hours if they are sharing devices between siblings or parents/carers are working from home. If your child is working outside of normal school hours, the teacher will ensure that the completed work is marked within 48 hours.



If you need any support with any aspect of online learning, we are here to support you! Please e-mail your child’s class teacher (if school is in session) or ring the school office (01843 841046) and the teacher will e-mail you, ring you back or find the best person to support you.


Your child’s class teacher e-mail address is on their OneNote login card.


Using the App Version (download required)

Signing In


Download the free app from Google Play, Apple App Store or your normal app provider and open the app.


Sign in using the e-mail address provided by the school on your child’s OneNote Login Details card.



The password is a 4-digit number given to each child.


If your Class Notebook does not appear in your list of Notebooks, tap ‘All Notebooks’ and then ‘More Notebooks’.


Tap your Class Notebook to add it to the list and tap it again to open it.











Folders and Sections


‘Content Library’

This is where the learning can be found.


Child’s personal folder

This is where the tasks can be found.


In each folder there are sections called ‘Week 1’, ‘Week 2’, ‘Isolation’ etc.


If your child is self-isolating, choose the ‘Isolation’ sections.


If the whole class is working from home, choose the ‘Week 1’, ‘Week 2’ etc. sections.


Tap a section to be shown the pages inside.

Tap a page to see it.


Re-size the page by pinching with two fingers.












How to find Learning


Go to the ‘Content Library’.


Choose the correct section.


Choose the correct page (these are named with the date)


Scroll by dragging your finger up and down until you get to the task.






How to find Tasks


Go to your child’s personal folder.


Choose the correct section.


Choose the correct page (these are also named with the date)




Adding Text


Tap on the blank space outside the image of the task to bring up a blinking line. This is where you can type.


Move the text box by tapping and holding the grey bar at the top, then drag it to the desired position.







Tap the pen icon on the top right.


Tap the purple arrow to extend and hide extra pen options.


Select a pen and tap it again to open colour and thickness options.


Tap the pen icon on the top right with the ‘x’ on it to stop drawing so that you can scroll again.






Live Marking


Your class teacher can see and respond to your child’s tasks in real time.


Your class teacher will try to ‘live-mark’ as many pieces of work in the class as possible.


You may see the marking appear as your child is working on the task!




Uploading Photos

Choose the page you'd like to upload your photo to.

Tap on the page where you'd like the photo to go.

Tap the camera button to open your device's camera.

Snap a clear photo and press 'done'.

Please do not upload pictures of children's faces.