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Inspire Learn Succeed at Birchington

The children have excelled again with their creative talents. These are the winners of the Easter Egg colouring competition sponsored by the local Co-op stores, and the PTA. The winning pictures are in the window of the small Co-op in Birchington.

Congratulations to –

Lola, Oscar, Jake, and Toby.

1E enjoyed a day out at Howletts Zoo. We identified a range of animals such as elephants, tigers, rhinos and monkeys. We even got to see a silverback gorilla eat his lunch and a tiger have a rest!

World Book Day at Birchington! 

Science Day at Birchington CE Primary School

Year 1

1J have taken part in a Walking Water Experiment today!

We have used plastic cups, water, paper towels and red, blue and green food colouring to complete this experiment.

We have watched the water absorb and colouring "walk up and down the paper towels" into the empty cups in between them creating new colours.

We really enjoyed watching this experiment throughout the day even though the results were not instant!


For one of their three activities Year 1 learnt about the planets and the names of them. They created their own solar system using a paper plate and drew and labelled the planets.


We were looking at bubbles today!

First we looked at what would happen if we changed the shape of our wands. We made star/heart and square wands but we still ended up with sphere bubbles.

We then made bubble pictures by blowing into bowls of coloured mixture and putting a piece of paper on the top. We then talked about what happens when we change the force of our breath. 

Year 2

We looked at different forces and how we can see them to change the shape of objects. We then tested drag and lift by making kites.

We used tissue paper, string and play dough to make our own parachutes to test air resistance. We watched a video of a sky diver and saw them glide to the ground. Then we tested some of our parachutes to see if they did the same.

Year 3

We learnt how planes can fly and the forces the balance of different forces to fly. We then made our own paper planes to test how far they could fly. We also found out how to drain the colour from skittles.

Year 4

We based our day around the theme of Antarctica.

We made insulators that had to keep the ice frozen for as long as possible in order to transport them to a different country.

We then created boats- they needed to be able to float using their knowledge of buoyancy - and tested them in water.

Year 5

Year 5 looked at forces today. We spent half a day looking at straw rockets. We created rockets made out of paper and launched them by putting them on the end of a straw and blowing. We then experimented with the rocket/tailwing shape and size to try and get them to go further.

We spent the other half of the day looking at magnets and magnetism. We set up some stations to test the strength of different magnets.

Year 6

Last term Year 6 were classifying animals, with a focus on creatures from the Amazon. On Science day the children brought all their classifying skills together to write their own scientific key based on a selection of creatures they had to classify.

For Year R's People Who Help Us topic, we had a visit from a nurse, paramedic and an ambulance! We all got to explore the back of the ambulance and sit in the front. We also used bandages, mask and stethoscopes, treating the poorly teddy bears to make them feel better. Mr Drew also paid us a visit and he taught us all about road safety and his role as a Lollypop Man. We made our own lollypops and practised how to cross the road safely! Next week a fire engine and firefighters are coming to see us, then a policeman and we are also visiting the Lifeboat House in Ramsgate. What an exciting term!

Birchington pupils take to the polls to vote for their choice of themed days

It wasn’t just adults taking to the polls last Thursday, pupils from Birchington CE Primary also took part in their own election as part of their Democracy Day.

Some 446 pupils from Birchington CE Primary, ranging from Reception to Year 6, voted at their school polling stations to choose a themed day scheduled for Term 3.

The children had explored the three manifestos earlier in the week and were voting for either an Art Day, a Science Day or an ECO day. Pupils received a polling card and visited their polling station to make their anonymous vote throughout the day on Thursday.

The votes were counted and the breaking news announcement was released on Friday morning. Science Day was the winning theme with 217 votes compared to the 183 votes for Art Day and the 45 for ECO day. There was one spoilt paper in the ballot box with 2 choices marked.

Pupils enjoyed the responsibility of voting for something in school and discussed with their teachers and parents the real General Election as well.

One pupil said: “I was so excited to vote because it means that even if my choice didn’t win, I had a chance to make a decision”. Another added, “My polling card looked just like Mum’s one for the real vote”.

The children are now looking forward to their Science Day which is due to take place next term.

Minnis Community Hub Visit

On Friday six Reception Children visited the Minnis Community Hub and spent some time with the Service Users there. The children and adults had a wonderful time playing with lego, completing puzzles and colouring in. The adults chatted away to the children and the children encouraged the adults to help them with their activity. The children were excited to tell their friends all about their trip upon their return and the manager at the Minnis Community Hub reported that the Service Users were smiling and full of conversation about the children once we had left. We can't wait for our next visit!"

Year 2 Great Fire of London Models

Throughout the Term, Year 2 at Birchington CE Primary School have been learning about the Great Fire of London. They began the term with a drama workshop from KIC theatre and acted out the fire, from the maid sweeping up in Thomas Farriner’s bakery to the teams of people trying to put the fire out using leather buckets and water from the Thames.

Using the book, Vlad and the Great Fire of London by Kate Cunningham, the children have learnt about how the fire spread, how the people of London tried to put the fire out and even about Samuel Pepys burying cheese to keep it safe!

On Wednesday 16th October, the children were visited by Margate Kent Fire and Rescue Service to find out about how firefighters work to keep everyone safe. The children found out about the protective clothing that firefighters need as well as all of the equipment on the fire engine. The children were able to climb into the back of the fire engine as well as hold some of the heavy equipment that firefighters have to carry around. The morning was inspiring for the children with one commenting, “I want to be a firefighter now because it is such an important job. You have to save people”. Another pupil added, “It was good and exciting because we got to see all of the equipment on the fire engine”.

Year 1 Autumn Walk

Year 1 went on an Autumn Walk to Crispe Park. We were lucky enough to spot lots of signs of Autumn such as mushrooms, berries and red, yellow, orange and brown leaves. 

Restart a Heart Workshop

On Wednesday 16th October, the Kent Fire and Rescue Service came into our school and delivered two workshops to our Year 6 children and staff called ‘Restart a Heart’.

 The workshops were organised by the South East Coast Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust and Kent Fire and Rescue Service as more than 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrests outside of hospital in the UK every year. If someone nearby knows how to start CPR immediately before the arrival of the ambulance, the patient’s chances of survival double.

This was an amazing opportunity for our children to carry out some basic CPR on first aid dummies and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our thanks to the Kent Fire and Rescue Service staff for coming in.

Gold School Games Mark

We are delighted to announce that Birchington CE Primary School have been awarded the Gold School Games Mark for our efforts towards inclusive PE and sport across Key Stage 2. This is a fantastic achievement and recognises the many fixtures and opportunities our children have to play competitive sport, both at a house and inter school level. 

Crazy Hair Day

We all had great fun participating in 'Crazy Hair Day'. As a school, we raised lots of money to go towards our Peace Spiral and had fun doing so. Here's some of our most creative hairstyles...

Wayne Dixon & Koda

On Tuesday 10th September, we were privileged to have Wayne Dixon and his dog Koda visit us to talk about his mission to litterpick around the coast of Britian. The children were fascinated to hear his tales of adventure and have been inspired to do more to save our environment from pollution and rubbish.

Synagogue Trip


1E went on a trip to Thanet and District Reform Synagogue to develop our learning on Judaism. We learnt lots from Rabbi Cliff and even got to see a torah and try on a kippah.

Armed Forces Flag Raising Day 24/06/2019


On Monday 24th June 2019, three of our Year 6 students had the honour of being able to attend and assist in the Armed Forces Flag Raising Day ceremony. It was a wonderful experience and was great to see so many people out celebrating the day.


Neighbourhood Planning Meeting


On Thursday 6th June, members of Birchington School Council went along to the neighbourhood planning meeting run by the council. The children had all looked at the neighbourhood plan and written questions that they wanted answered. They had an opportunity to address the planning committee and members of the public. The children spoke clearly and maturely and were given a round of applause for their fantastic ideas. They were told that they were a credit to our outstanding school-we couldn’t agree more!

Thanet Schools and Colleges Artist's Festival 2019

Early Years Wingham Visits


Each of the Year R classes visited Wingham this term to tie in with our 'Animal' topic. The children all had a wonderful time spotting lots of different animals and talking to their friends about what they noticed. The children were lucky enough to listen to a talk about the various monkeys at Wingham and they watched whilst the penguins were fed their lunch! A fabulous day was had by all!


Explorer class visited Wingham Wildlife Park on Wednesday 5th June.

Mrs Partridge said "A fantastic day! The children behaved beautifully and were a credit to the school. They especially enjoyed being up close to the young chimpanzee!"


Challengers had a great day at Wingham visiting some of the animals we have learnt about in our 'animals around the world theme.'



On Monday 17th June, as part of our Sports Week, over 60 children competed in a cross country event. We had a wonderful time and were impressed to see the efforts of our very own running club, who showed us how hard they have been working over the last term. 


Year 4 English Lesson

Year 4 walked to a mystery location to find out clues about the new text that will be used to support our English learning. Sketches of the landscape were made and a message in a bottle was found buried in seaweed and sand on Epple Bay.

"It was fun searching for clues." Gracie

"It was good to be active and outside for an English lesson." Jacob

"The anonymous unknown is fun!" Mason

Year 1 visited Wingham Wildlife Park!

1E went on a Science trip to Wingham Wildlife Park. We spent our time identifying and naming animals.
"1E loved taking their learning outside of the classroom and showed off all their animal knowledge."


1B had a very busy but brilliant day finding out facts about animals on their trip to Wingham Wildlife Park. Everybody learned something new!

"It's been a most fantastic days." (Dylan)


1BU have been learning all about animals in their Science lessons and classifying them in to different groups. They visited Wingham Wildlife Park to see all the different types of animals and got to see what some of the animals eat and what their habitat is like.




In Term 4 Birchington CEP School held an 'Our World' afternoon, the children learnt about different environmental issues and combined this learning with DT to create something to do with their subject. Years Reception,1 & 2 learnt about recycling and used materials to design and create robots and rockets. Years 3 & 4 learnt about plastic pollution and made plastic collages of ocean animals. Years 5 & 6 learnt about global warming and climate change, design and making their own board games. The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and gained a better understanding of our impact on the environment.