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Online Safety


Our Online Safety Lead is

Mr Forwood


Our School Web Filtering System

The school uses a cloud based web filtering system that proactively monitors and updates the status of billions of blacklisted or bad websites online every hour of the day. This system is far better than a tradtional school server based software solution that can become out of date if not regularly checked or indeed can be hacked and deactivated by outside or internal 3rd parties. Our system's design is a first to be implentmented in schools, and offers a level of response and protection that traditional mainstream systems in education do not.  


  • Our system benefits from an international cloud based mesh protection system. This means that if one branch of the mesh network fails, within seconds we switch over to another branch of the mesh system which is fully functional. This means no downtime and no periods of time where the school could be online and unprotected
  • Our system operates a responsive policy that approves and blocks white and black listed websites based on over one thousand must pass criteria factors. The school’s IT Network Manager can block or allow any website app or service.


If you require any further information about our Web filtering or content control please contact:

Mr Horsburgh

IT Network Manager