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BBC iPlayer - lessons daily from 9am Information for children and young people on staying safe using hand washing and hygiene at this time - The Great Indoors - Fun activities for children of all ages and useful advice for parents and carers when staying indoors - Challenges for pupils to take part in when working at home - the answers to tricky questions children have asked but you don't have the answers to!


These websites for primary aged children support learning across a broad range of curriculum subjects.


YOUTUBE Free School – a range of interesting films for children.


Animated movies on a range of curriculum topics


Computing – Coding and Programming activities - how to learn easy coding

Bee bot app - easy programming for Years 4+


Computing – Dance Mat Typing


Creative Bug – art and craft lessons for children


Twinkl is offering a one-month Ultimate membership, totally free of charge for every parent and carer in our school so our pupils can access a whole range of other areas of learning during this time. To set this up, go to and enter the code UKTWIKLHELPS.


TTS have also created a range of learning resources for your child to access:-

For 5-7yrs




For 7-11yrs




Stuck for reading material? Need some new bedtime stories? Have a look at The Book of Hopes. It’s absolutely packed with bite-size poems, illustrations, stories and other snippets from over 100 writers. Perfect for a quick anytime read with children at home



This site is where books are read out loud by some famous people:



If you’re looking for some exciting activities to keep boredom at bay


Writing competition, "500 words: Black Lives Matter", which is open for 5-13 year olds from 29th June to 3rd July



Let Carol teach your child Maths during this difficult period - 10 - 30 minute fun Maths activities to do on your phone or tablet 




Joe Wicks has kids workouts on YouTube: 


Cosmic Yoga on YouTube:




Keep a sketch book and draw a daily sketch.



  • Feelings sketch.
  • Look out a window and sketch what you see.
  • Take an object from the house and sketch it.
  • Sketch a family member.


Websites you can use to help with activities:.


The Turner Contemporary have been thinking about how they can empower the community to be creative. There are new YouTube Art Rebel Workshops for families at home delivered by artists, you can download unique resources directly from their website and join hundreds of others by taking part in a Portfolio Art Competition.  There is also a list of inspirational creative resources from around the internet.  All of this and more can be accessed here:

Take a virtual tour of The National Gallery


SCIENCE: - fun Science experiments for children - for pupils interested in planets and the solar system


RE and Spirituality

Below are some links that will provide your parents and carers some information on various topics:


For ideas and activities to explore during Holy Week and Easter 2020:


For prayer activities created for families at home:


For help in supporting good mental health: