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Parents as Partners


Parents/Carers as Partners


It is vitally important to your child’s learning, development and happiness that we work in partnership together. We want you to feel welcome in school and at our school we have an open approach and are keen to hear how we can help. We would rather know sooner rather than later if you have a problem that needs to be solved. Please come in and talk it through so we can help as quickly as possible.


Finding Out General Information


We have a huge amount of information, recent letters, guidance and helpful contacts on our school website
 This is being continuously updated so please take a look on a regular basis!


How can I find out how my child is progressing?


  • Class teachers are normally available to talk to parents/carers after school. They will do their best to see you straight away. If they can see you straight away after school on any other day they will. If they already have a pre-arranged appointment that cannot be moved they will make a mutually convenient time to meet. You can also speak to teachers over the telephone

  • In Phase 1 and Phase 2 your child will bring home an Achievement Card in Terms 1 to 5 

  • Ask your child what they’ve been working on at school – you can guarantee they’ve been busy!

  • If your child has additional needs, please contact Mrs Callaway our Inclusion Leader 

  • Annual school report

  • Parent/Carer Open Evenings x 3 per year (dates will be on the newsletter)

  • There are some helpful questions for parents and carers on our school website under parent/carer tab

How can I find out about what and how my child is learning?


  • Ask the class teacher 
  • Parent/Carer Workshops (details of dates on newsletters)
  • Curriculum Map on the school website
  • Ask a Hub Driver
  • Parent/carer Transition Day (Term 6)
  • Resources on the school website
  • School policies we have
  • Weekly class information (EYFS/ Phase 1)
  • Information letters and leaflets

How can I give feedback?


  • Come in and tell us, email or telephone
  • It is helpful to know what we are doing well as well as where we need to improve
  • Complete our parent/carer questionnaires
  • Complete the Ofsted Parent View online – this link is on the school website
  • Complete a feedback form at the end of parent/carer workshops
  • We consider everybody’s contribution take feedback seriously

We really welcome parents/carers into school to help in the classroom and listen to children read. All helpers are issued a Safeguarding and Induction Pack and are DBS checked.

Asking a question – Please ask!


  • See any of the leaders who are on the gates in the mornings.
  • See your child’s class teacher, pop in to the school office or give us a ring!
  • Come in and see Lesley Green, our Pastoral Manager/FLO. She has a school mobile and you can text or call her if you have a concern or worry. Her mobile number can be found on newsletter or you can request the number from the school office