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School Council


What is the School Council?


The children in our school have the chance to voice their opinions and hold discussions on a two weekly basis. This creates an environment where children feel valued and it gives them a structured opportunity to have an input into the daily organisation of the school and to help in planning its future.

Our School Council is made up of 28 children, 2 representatives from each KS1 and KS2 class. These representatives then have the responsibility of feeding back to their peers as well as taking ideas to the School Council meetings for discussions. This enables the children to take some responsibility for their lives at the school and experience a sense of responsibility for their direct community.

In each meeting, minutes are taken by a nominated member. This encourages pupils to begin to take responsibility for their direct community.

On occasion local visitors may be invited to the School Council meetings, for example the local community warden, to give children a sense of local belonging and responsibility. The School Council also works closely with other groups within the school.

Red Nose Day

Congratulations and thanks to all our children here at Birchington CE Primary School for their help and support on Red Nose Day. We raised a staggering £388.78 for the charity. Our School Council devised a range of activities to raise funds, including a Lucky Dip win a teddy draw in EYFS and Phase 1. The winners were Summer 1B and Sophia 2D. Years 4, 5 and 6 had the opportunity to Buy a Joke on the playground to raise funds for the cause, and Lesley used all your wonderful cake donations to run an end of day Cake Stall. Thank you to all involved.


Ms Bant’s Visit

On Tuesday 5th March, Ms Bant, Chair of Governors, visited the School Council meeting. We gave a presentation about The School Council, who we are, what we do, and how we help the school. Ms Bant then asked us questions about our role and what our views of the school are. Ms Bant was surprised to hear that we regularly sort lost property (much of which has no name on it). We look forward to her next visit – and seeing more names on jumpers!

The School Council


Damian Hinds. MP

On Thursday 7th March members of The School Council had the unique opportunity to meet The Secretary of State for Education in our school. We were allowed to ask him questions about his job in Parliament. He told us it was good to be a Member of Parliament and work in the House of Commons because he could always see the time on Big Ben next door! We also had the pleasure of meeting Roger Gale, MP for Thanet, who told us he has been an MP for 36 years. Gosh that is a long time!