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Anti-Bullying Information


At Birchington CE Primary School incidents of bullying are rare; nevertheless, we take the issue of bullying extremely seriously. If you have any queries or concerns regarding this matter please see a member of staff who will be happy to help you. More information on our procedures for dealing with bullying can be found in our Anti-bullying Policy.


What is bullying?

Bullying is always deliberate or on purpose. It is not an accident.


Bullying is repeated, often over a long period of time. It is not a one off, single incident. For example, being called a name once, or being pushed once in the playground, whilst being unpleasant, is not defined as bullying. Class teachers would deal with this behaviour as it occurs.


 When bullying occurs, it is difficult for the victims to defend themselves


What types of bullying are there?
There are many types of bullying
  • Verbal -continual name calling, unkind remarks and put-downs.
  • Physical – continual hitting, pushing, kicking, pinching.
  • Psychological – continual and deliberate excluding from a friendship
    group, spreading malicious stories.
  • Threatening -continual demands for money or toys or breaking property.
  • Cyber-bullying, using social network sites etc to victimise.
  • Phone bullying, using continual text messages direct to the child or by
    sending bullying messages about the child to other children.
  • Each class has regular PSHE/Circle Time sessions to address any
    classroom/playground/friendship issues as they arise.
  • We use a Restorative Justice approach, which focuses on dialogue
    between both the victim and the offender.
  • Our strong Pastoral Team is always on hand to offer support to any
    child who needs.
  • Our reward systems focus not only on academic achievement, but also
    praises positive behaviours.
  • We have trained play buddies that support our EYFS and KS1 children to ensure
    all children are supported at lunchtimes.

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