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Further Educational Resources



Kent Association of Headteachers - curriculum linked learning resources


BBC iPlayer - lessons daily from Bitesize Daily

Oak National Academy - please click on 'classroom' to access video lessons, resources and activities

E-bug - Information for children and young people on Coronavirus, and staying safe using hand washing and hygiene at this time.


Kent Children's University - Challenges for pupils to take part in when working at home


Ask Dr Universe - the answers to tricky questions children have asked but you don't have the answers to!


These websites for primary aged children support learning across a broad range of curriculum subjects:


YOUTUBE Free School – a range of interesting films for children.


Animated movies - on a range of curriculum topics




Coding and Programming Activities - how to learn easy coding

Bee bot app - easy programming for Years 4+


Computing – Dance Mat Typing 




National Literacy Trust - Stuck for reading material? Need some new bedtime stories? Have a look at The Book of Hopes. It’s absolutely packed with bite-size poems, illustrations, stories and other snippets from over 100 writers. Perfect for a quick anytime read with children at home


Storyline Online - This site is where books are read out loud by some famous people:


The World of David Walliams - If you’re looking for some exciting activities to keep boredom at bay




The Maths Factor - Let Carol teach your child Maths during this difficult period


Bed Time Maths - 10 - 30 minute fun Maths activities to do on your phone or tablet 




Cosmic Yoga on YouTube




Keep a sketch book and draw a daily sketch. Here are some fun ideas: 

  • Feelings sketch.

  • Look out a window and sketch what you see.

  • Take an object from the house and sketch it.

  • Sketch a family member.


Creative Bug – art and craft lessons for children


TTS have created a range of learning resources for your child to access

For 5-7yrs - CLICK HERE


For 7-11yrs - CLICK HERE


Websites you can use to help with art activities


The Turner Contemporary - YouTube Art Rebel Workshops are available for families at home delivered by artists. You can download unique resources directly from their website and there is also a list of inspirational creative resources from around the internet.



SCIENCE: - fun Science experiments for children - for pupils interested in planets and the solar system


RE and Spirituality


For help in supporting good mental health:


MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)

Language Angels -

Please see the document below for information on how to access Language Angels.