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Year R were lucky enough to visit the RNLI Lifeboat House in Ramsgate last term. Here they explored two different boats, one undercover and one in the harbour and they learnt all about the clothing and equipment the RNLI volunteers wear and use. They also had a visit from a policeman and were so excited to sit in the police car and learn all about the police force. We would like to thank the RNLI and all the parents, carers and friends who have visited us, we have learnt so much and it has been a brilliant term!

Year R had a wonderful day when the firefighters and fire engine visited us at school. The children listened to a story about fire safety and learnt how to stay safe around fire, what to do if there were a fire and who to call. Then the children explored the fire engine, sitting in the cab, looking at equipment such as breathing masks and thermal cameras and using the megaphone to shout "FIRE!" Next the children used fire extinguishers to put out 'fires' in the wooden house and then they used the hose and sprayed water, aiming at a ball to knock off the cone. The children were absolutely thrilled to have such an exciting and interesting morning and have been writing stories, crafting fire engines and talking about a firefighters job ever since!

For Year R's People Who Help Us topic, we had a visit from a nurse, paramedic and an ambulance! We all got to explore the back of the ambulance and sit in the front. We also used bandages, mask and stethoscopes, treating the poorly teddy bears to make them feel better. Mr Drew also paid us a visit and he taught us all about road safety and his role as a Lollypop Man. We made our own lollypops and practised how to cross the road safely! Next week a fire engine and firefighters are coming to see us, then a policeman and we are also visiting the Lifeboat House in Ramsgate. What an exciting term!

Reception Baseline Assessment Video for Parents

We are now piloting the new reception baseline assessment across thousands of schools in England. It is a short, interactive assessment carried out in the first six weeks of reception between a child and their teacher or teaching assistant.

We have three Reception classes and we follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum Framework ensuring the children explore, learn and apply new skills, knowledge and understanding. There are seven key areas of learning and development in EYFS:


Three prime areas:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development


Four specific areas:



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


We use these areas, alongside the children’s particular interests, to plan lessons, activities and experiences. At Birchington children in Reception learn by playing and exploring, creating and thinking critically and actively involving themselves in their own learning. We strive to make our children’s learning as engaging, interesting and real through six termly topics:


Marvellous Me!

Time to Celebrate!

People Who Help Us

My 5 Senses

Fairy Tales

All Creatures Great and Small


Play underpins our EYFS and we believe that real life experiences are essential. This combination increases children’s motivation, develops communication and language skills and provides them with a greater understanding of the world. In Reception we provide lots of opportunities for these experiences such as seasonal walks, visitors from the community, a trip to a wildlife centre and our local parish church. As well as this we have a wonderful outside space which is accessed by the children daily. At Birchington we provide children with a safe space to make decisions, take risks and challenge themselves with activities which are purposeful and engaging, in a variety of environments. 


The children use the bikes and trikes regularly on the playground and they have access to our forest area, complete with mud kitchen. They also have a range of provision in our outside classroom, including a water area, music station, construction site and writing den! 


We use an online journal, Tapestry, to assess and track the children. We are very excited to open this journal to parents this year, allowing parents and carers to view, comment and like their children’s adventures and achievements in school.

For our EYFS Curriculum, Intent, Implentation and Impact infomation, please CLICK HERE